Ever since we moved into the cottage 7 months ago I've yearned for a space of my own, somewhere I could sit comfortably and blog or potter about online away from distraction. Unfortunately it's taken that long to organise myself but I've finally done it, created my own little workspace!

It's nothing fancy but it's all mine! It's a temporary measure until we figure out something more permanent, but that'll take time and this suits me fine for now. It's comfy with a good view of the garden and plenty of daylight.

And the best thing is that it was a bargain! Because of the shape of the window I needed a desk which was no more than a metre wide and I was struggling to find one online. I wanted a little bit of storage and even Gumtree wasn't coming up trumps, so I thought I'd try to find second-hand furniture shops in my area. Third time lucky, I visited the British Red Cross and found this one for £15!

Did you know the British Red Cross do a loyalty card? I didn't. I'm a sucker for these things so I signed up and was told I get 20% off my first purchase so my desk was only £12! What a bargain! The card builds up points when you make purchases and they can be converted into money-off vouchers or can be donated back, so it's all good.

The wicker chair was given to me by my Great Auntie and was looking a bit sad so I revamped it with some spray paint and new fabric and I'm pretty chuffed with myself!

So there you have it, a workspace on a budget! One day I'll have my Pinterest-worthy desk, but until then, this'll do just fine!

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