I'm still totally in love with my "Part 1" look, but this here is my go-to pre, during and after-pregnancy look! Can't beat a dress and cardi combo!

This dress was another F&F at Tesco bargain at £4! It flows out from the waist so covers my mummy tummy and has pretty details like matching tiny buttons and these gorgeous tulip sleeves.

I teamed it with leggings (yes, those are still maternity leggings, I'm not quite ready to give those up yet!) and a cardigan I bought years ago in *goes to check label* oh, it's F&F too! I love this cardi so much, I bought a lemon one too.

I think I've done quite well to focus on my best bits and cover my worst bits! And my posing is getting a bit better...maybe? Seems the head tilt is my "Blue Steel"! What do you think?

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