When I found out I was pregnant, one thing I couldn't wait to do was to read stories to our child, so I started to put together a collection of great books.

Being a big vintage fan I raided my own collection first.

Dick Bruna has always been a favourite of mine. I love the simplicity of the artwork and the bright colours. This is the kind of thing that Sorsha loves right now.

Another childhood favourite was Richard Scarry, and although I felt his illustrations usually had something slightly sinister about them, they fascinated me. When I look at these books I get a very strong nostalgic feeling.

I bought this fantastic collection of 33 Disney books for next to nothing at a car boot sale, which is the best place to get great vintage books of any sort for a reasonable price, and every kid loves Disney don't they?!

But what childhood is complete without the wonderful stories of Enid Blyton? These books (except for the big one at the back) are mostly stories with very little illustration so these will be great for when she's a little older. Just now she's all about pictures! What I love about reading is that everyone can read the same text but where our imagination takes us is completely unique. I love to think that Sorsha's bedtime stories will turn into wonderful dreams or inspire her creativity.

Along with these books I have passed on classics like Alice In Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Black Beauty and some Ladybird books.

Babies in the Scotland are given free books from birth through the Scottish Book Trust. Sorsha received her first book from the Health Visitor a couple of weeks after we came home and she's just received more with her first immunisations. Her first book, Baby, I Love You, is so sweet!

But something is missing from her collection...one classic author with one of the best imaginations there are...

...Roald Dahl! I've read some of the stories which he had written for adults but I think Matilda would still have to be my favourite so his books will be the next addition to Sorsha's collection.

Speaking of Roald Dahl, I have some great news! The good people at House Of Fraser have given me a fantastic "The Enormous Crocodile" book-shaped cushion for one of you lovely lot to win!

I'm really sorry overseas readers, this one's UK and Ireland only I'm afraid, but I'd love to hear about your favourite children's books too! The winner will be announced next Sunday (26th July 2015) so get your entries in quick! Good luck!

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  1. My favourite memories are of Enid Blytons up the faraway tree. I still have my first edition and treasure it. It really captured my imagination as a child and I used to drift off to sleep making up my own adventures for the characters

  2. Oh! We still haven't had our Bookbug bag(s)! Is it okay to call the health visitor JUST to ask about free books, do you think?!

    Funnily enough, just this week I was aghast that Steve has never read The Enormous Crocodile...

  3. My all time favourite is the naughty Amelie Jane collection by Enid blyton xx

  4. Each Peach Pear Plum - a classic, and there always seems to be something new to spot in the illustrations.

  5. My favourite was always The Tale of Peter Rabbit - I was absolutely obsessed with bunnies when I was little! As I grew a bit older I loved Matilda as well :) Roald Dahl knew his stuff! x

  6. That was my absolute favourite too and in general anything from Beatrix Potter related to rabbits and forest life :) x

  7. Gosh I can't think if one favourite, the Mr Men series were always loved by me and how by my toddler, especially Mr Tickle x

  8. Oooh, I'll keep an eye out for that. I don't remember reading that when I was little but it sounds good!

  9. Rabbits are always a win! I'll definitely need to add some Beatrix Potter to Sorsha's collection x

  10. I don't think I've read those, but it must be good!