1. We had a play date with our buggy walk group and Sorsha sat in a highchair unsupported. That may not sound like a lot, but she's getting to be so strong and growing so quickly!

2. Finding sneaky hidden kittens around the house! This is Jack under my pillow and I had no idea he was there until I leaned on it!

3. Salted Caramel Häagen-Dazs tastes so good!

4. I'm getting far too addicted to Pokemini. I can't be the only "grown up" that plays it surely? Anyone?!

5. Allan is on holiday for a couple of weeks so it's great spending all my time with my two favourites.

6. The Last Man On Earth is our latest viewing pleasure, Kristen Schaal is always awesome.

7. Another family event this week, this time it was my sister's birthday so we all went out for a meal then had this ace jammie dodger cake!

8. I went to Dundee to visit friends who have just moved house. I also bumped into another friend who's over from Northern Ireland but used to stay in Dundee and it made me miss living there. Anyway, we went out for a meal and I got this MASSIVE face-sized slice of cheesecake!

9. Despite all the ice cream, cake and cheesecake, I've managed to get down to 11 stone 11 weeks after having Sorsha! I was 13 and a half stone just before I gave birth so I'm pretty chuffed with myself!

Have a happy week everyone!

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