1. I went a little over the top buying outfits for Sorsha in the Disney Store sale but they're really cute and great quality.

2. My old one died so I had to buy a new laptop. I kind of grudge it because the other one was only a couple of years old, but I love my shiny new one!

3. We've discovered that Sorsha loves Pocoyo and she smiles and giggles as she watches it. It doesn't hurt that we kinda like it too!

4. Massive strawberry tarts. Nom!

5. I'm so happy about my Roald Dahl giveaway. I actually love this cushion!

6. I've been working my way through the Hairy Dieters book and this recipe is definitely my favourite so far, Minted Pea & Feta Omelettes.

7. It was my brother's birthday this week so we had a family get-together. It's always nice to have a catchup and we always have a good laugh. Everyone loves to see Sorsha and it gave her the opportunity to wear one of her pretty Disney dresses!

8. Cinebabies this week was Ant-Man. I wasn't sure about it but it was actually really good! Why would I doubt the good people at Marvel?!

9. I had my first night out since Sorsha was born, which I was both excited about and dreading! I've lost a bit of weight, so it was nice to wear something I felt good in, but I was worried I'd never last in heels! But I did myself proud, even after pitchers of cocktails and a few shots, before making my way home with a bag of Nutella cookies from the late night baker!

Have a happy week everyone!


  1. I was sad to miss Ant-man - I'll basically give anything with Paul Rudd in it a shot.

  2. It's back on for Cinebabies on the 29th, hope you can make it cos I'm sure you'll really like it!

  3. Yeah, I have three things question marked in the calendar that morning so we'll see...! Considering dragging ourselves out of bed for Inside Out on Saturday, too...