1. They're a local thing, but butteries are the bomb. That's because they have hundreds of calories each and are mostly made of fat! And then we slather them in butter, jam or cheese! Nom!

2. These new shower gels from Imperial Leather smell so good! They were on offer so I thought I'd try them out and they're yummy, just like Fruit Salad and Marshmallows.

3. Have you played 94% yet? I don't usually bother with games for my phone, but this one has me hooked! It's kinda like Family Fortunes where you have to guess the top answers to a question, but tougher cos some of the answers are weird!

4. I have a small dining table which I got from my granny and I've been eating at it all the time lately because it's the only way that's comfortable. I bought this bird oilcloth fabric from The Range to protect it and it was only £2 a metre! What a bargain!

5. Netflix has Cinderella on. 'Nuff said!

6.  Piggy meal times are hilarious now with all four guinea pigs rushing to the bowl! They all have such different personalities but put a bowl of food down and they're all digging in!

7. Being a veggie, it's often hard to get something quick and easy to eat that's a bit different. I was so excited to see new Quorn Chorizo and Mozzarella Girasoli and it's really good too, probably one of my favourite Quorn products.

8. This Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and in usual fashion I headed to my local comic book store to grab a handful (and maybe a few little treats too)!

9. I just saw the episode of Community with puppets. EVERYTHING is better with puppets!

How has your week been?

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