1. Putting my maternity leave to good use, I made up the baby's cotbed with a cute set covered in bright animals and a toy cow!

2. I love Jelly Belly Beans but haven't had them for ages so thought I'd treat myself. Cue me, sorting them out into flavours, then eating them in order of least favourite to favourite! Jelly bean etiquette!

3. We had good news when we visited the vet this week, little Panda will be ok! They thought he may have a brain tumour but he has responded well to his medication.  The vet said he'll never be 100%, but at least he isn't in any pain.

4. There's very little that can beat a chip shop supper when you crave one! I always have a macaroni pie, chips and a can of Irn-Bru. It has to be a can, it always tastes better out of a can!

5. I'd read the book years ago but have only just watched the movie of To Kill A Mockingbird. It was basically how it was in my head when I read it, complete with the feelings of rage and sadness it gives me!

6. We bought a baby book a few months ago and I figured it would be a nice touch to learn calligraphy rather than use my usual handwriting! I bought a pen from eBay and have been putting some practice in!

7. Allan had a day off on Friday and it was glorious sunshine, so instead of staying at home and working on the bathroom as planned, we decided to jump in the car and head to the seaside! Beautiful days like that can't be wasted!

8. Allan bought me some hard backed books so I could organise my recipes. The plan is to cook these recipes I've ripped out of magazines etc, decide if we like them, then glue the good ones into the books for future use.

9. Again, making use of the good weather, we had an impromptu picnic after Allan's work on Saturday. We just drove out to a scenic spot 10 minutes from home and sat and ate sandwiches! Even getting out in the sun for half an hour makes me feel good!

How has your week been? Share your highlights and make me jealous!

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