What do you think of when you think about high street store BHS?

It's a shop I haven't been in for aaaggeess because I've always thought of it as an older ladies shop, somewhere full of knitwear and cross-your-heart bras.

But when we were in Edinburgh recently we walked down Princess Street in the evening and their window display got me yearning to visit.

You know that Big And Bold Wallpaper Inspiration post I did recently?  Well it was just like that, but in soft furnishings and trinkets!

WARNING: Contains many, many exclamation marks!

I mean, this round bird cushion has tassles, lace, embroidery and a sweet slogan. You can't beat that!

Look at that bedding! It's 50% off right now! And these throws and cushions appeal to my love of all the bright colours!

Let's not restrict this colourful extravaganza to the bedroom, I need to cheer up my bathroom with these towels and accessories!

And top it all off with bright lights and kitsch picnic-ware! If only I had all the monies to make by house this pretty!

Do you have a store that you've re-discovered lately? What do you think of these BHS ranges?


  1. Oh, BHS homewares are fab! I thought of it as an old lady shop for ages but went in in desperation a couple of years ago and was totally converted. If only I NEEDED more cushions and towels...

  2. Danielle Eskdale7 March 2015 at 21:42

    I haven't actually been in since Xmas as we have none near by but I love BHS! Some great little finds and it looks a lot more 'trendy' lately too.
    Love that little cushion!


  3. Oh my gosh I could squeal it's all so pretty haha !I am having a flat overhaul at the moment actually to make more space and selling for clear out maybe I can fill it all up again ;) xxx

  4. I've not been in BHS in years as I'm another one that thinks of it as an "Auld Wifie" shop. The throws & cushions look gorgeous though, might have to venture in for a look the next time I'm in town :) xx

  5. I know! I hate being good with my money just now! :D x

  6. I couldn't even tell you the last time I was in there! Our one is on the high street but is kind of set back and away from my usual haunts so I just blank it! x

  7. I'm the same, trying to get rid of stuff I don't want or need just now but I'm too tempted to buy new stuff! x

  8. I always ignore it in Aberdeen, I wouldn't have gone in at all if I hadn't seen the display in Edinburgh. x