Last Sunday Allan and I headed to The Jack & Jill Market, regular events where people can sell their good quality used or unwanted baby and children's items.

They are held at various destinations across Scotland including Aberdeen, Stirling, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayr and I first found out about them through friends on Facebook.

You can book a stall, sell your items and keep 100% of the profits, or just head along and grab some bargains! Entry is £1.50 per adult and kids are free.

As well as the stalls there is a large items gallery for items like travel systems, cots, high chairs and car seats. They also have an online market if you can't attend or are looking to buy and sell items between fairs.

Now, I've been trying very hard not to buy too much apart from essentials but it was very difficult here and I failed!

We'd been discussing whether it's best to get an electric or microwave bottle steriliser, especially as I plan to breast feed the majority of the time and we'd only really be using it if Allan was taking baby out and about on his own. We had settled on getting a microwave one and found the perfect one for £5!

Here are our other bargains:

The lion blanket is super soft and snuggly and was only £3, the same price as the cot blanket on the left which was from The White Company.

The tigger robe was only £1.50 and the tiny rabbit booties had never been worn but were £1!

We did very well for ourselves! There were so many things for sale and most of it was gender specific so we could have spent a lot more!

Have you been to The Jack & Jill Market? What did you think?

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