1. Another month, another charity bake sale! This time I decided to put my new machine to the test with some chocolate cakepops. The fun bit came when I was holding two dripping chocolate coated pops with nowhere to put them, but then I had a brainwave...stick them in the colander!

2. Allan cooked tea for my parents and he did a great job! Mum brought us these Bunny biscuits, she knows me too well!

3. As a reward I made us biryani for tea, the best bit was making poppadoms!  These were a Pataks ready to cook kit. You just stick them in hot oil for a couple of seconds and they puff up. Awesome!

4. There's a new patisserie opened in Aberdeen called Almondine, specialising in macarons. Leanne is up from London just now so we popped in for some tasty treats.

5. We also headed to our local comic books shop for Free Comic Book Day...

6. ...had a delicious tea at Wagamama (I always have Saien Soba)...

7. ...and laughed our heads off at Bad Neighbours. It was so much funnier than I'd expected! Oh yeah, and Zac Efron.

8. We went for a walk on Sunday and saw these tiny tadpoles in a puddle swimming about!

9. Allan put Panda in my hood and he was so happy and cute in there!


  1. Looks like a fun week! Almondine is firmly cemented on my list of places to visit but I haven't managed to get there yet unfortunately. Looks yummy xo

  2. Considering my husband is a comic book geek, we always forget about free comic book day. Maybe next year!

  3. omg we just starting getting the pop them yourself poppadoms too!! SO GOOD!! so easy as well!! so much stuff on here i am loving, cake pops, comics, bad neighbours!

  4. It's very pretty! And the macarons are good, definitely worth a visit! x

  5. Aww! I always follow their page on Facebook otherwise I'd probably forget too! x

  6. Really easy and fun! I'm amazed at how quick they transform! x