1. I think I've had a good week healthy living wise (only the scales will tell!), it started off with a walk in my local forest which is made easier by these pieces of interest which have been placed around the tracks.

2. I got a nice big delivery of healthy food after making an eating plan and it's probably the best food I've eaten in a long time! Home delivery is great for me because I can easily lose a couple of hours in a supermarket and come out with loads of stuff I hadn't meant to buy!

3. We're starting to make real headway with the association that I'm part of and this week I set up a facebook page for the local community. I'm so pleased at the amount of likers that we're getting!

4. I also set up a monthly bake sale at work for our charity of the year CLAN Cancer Support and our first one went really well. Although it took all my willpower to bake cakes without eating them! There were so many tasty treats made by staff it was hard to resist those too, but I figured a little bit wouldn't do too much damage!

5. Roughly a year ago I blogged about these amazing prints by Chad Sell that I'd fallen in love with. At the time I had no idea what RuPaul's Drag Race was and I'd never been able to watch it...until now! Some lovely person on Twitter mentioned that it's on Netflix so now I can watch them all! I have, of course, become totally obsessed!

6. Thanks to Mother's Day passing and Allan working for a supermarket my house is now full of beautiful cut price flowers!

7. I caught up on my cinema viewing this week starting with the awesome, hilarious, beautiful Grand Budapest Hotel...

8. ...and the Hunger Games-esque Divergent, which is by no means a criticism! It has a number of similarities but it's great in its own right and the male lead is more my kind of guy!

9. But my biggest love of all this week is that Allan has moved in with me! Luckily he's a man of few belongings and we shifted all his stuff in an afternoon. It feels good to have him here full-time!


  1. You have been so productive, the bake sale is an amazing idea and i have wanted some nice flowers for my flat for ages, I will go get some this week xxx


  2. Moved in! He can't have moved in, I haven't even met him yet?! :P xx

  3. I know, how rude! :D You'll need to meet him next time you're up x

  4. I hope you treated yourself to some lovely flowers! Having them around just brightens the place up x