1. I wasn't sure if I'd like Noah but it was the twist on the basic story everyone knows which made it into a really enjoyable film.

2. I finally saw Allan's band playing on Friday! The Ruptured Ducklings were part of a Battle Of The Bands and although they didn't win I thought they were ace, especially that drummer, he's my fave! *swoon*

3. Check out the cool wristbands we got! It's just a white pipecleaner, but I mashed it up by making it into a bunny then a bow. Gotta put your twist on it, gurl!

4. On Saturday I helped out at a charity table at work. It was during an Easter Fun Day so I popped my bunny ears on and got to work!

5. At the fun day there were tiny fluffy chicks and this gorgeous little lamb for the kids to see and touch. Well, I say kids but we were all doing it! I love cute Spring baby animals!

6. Allan's decorated an egg as a dragon for an Easter competition. I'm like a proud mum, it's so cute!

7. How blue was the sky this Sunday?! Not a cloud to be seen! This amazing weather at the weekends is making me so happy. We headed to the beach for a walk, seems we weren't the only ones with that great idea!

8. After our lovely day out I made my first roast dinner in my new kitchen. Allan was very impressed, especially at how good the quorn and veggie gravy tasted.

9. And Easter wouldn't be Easter without some Easter eggs! I was very restrained this year and got us both a £1 egg (Creme Egg for me, Caramel egg  for Allan) and one for the piggies! They were a bit confused at first, but when it was unwrapped and they could smell the dandelion leaves they both dug their teeth in!

I hope you're all having a brilliant Easter weekend too! If you want to see more pics take a look at my Instagram!


  1. Totally didn't just did "Squeeee!" at the lamb.

    (Totally did.)

  2. Heehee! It was so cute, shame it was falling asleep by the time I got near!