1. Whilst I was at work, Allan sent me some pictures showing that he'd organised our kitchen cupboards which were getting a bit out of hand. He's much better at being tidy than me, and after a busy week at work it was all piling up, so I'm glad he took charge.

2. After the busy week at work everyone involved was thanked in an email. It's so nice to receive recognition of hard work!

3. I'm really enjoying salads right now. Being healthy is so much easier when you like what you're eating! I'll have an update on my Skinny Bird Challenge for you tomorrow!

4. I went to a laser cutting class and made this keyring for Allan. I designed it (drumsticks and a star in the shape of an A) and the lasers burnt it into the wood. He was really chuffed at his pressie!

5. I went to see The Double, which wasn't quite what I expected. It was really funny in a Garth Marenghi way and a pretty dark comedy. I love Richard Ayoade's humour and style so this was right up my street!

6. The sun was out again! We're being spoilt with good weather at the weekends just now, long may it continue! *touch wood*

7. Our trip to Inverness was cancelled but we weren't going to waste the good weather so we went for a walk on the beach and surrounding area. It was a bit windy but the views and warm sand were excellent!

8. We also took a trip to the Macduff Marine Aquarium and saw lots of different fishies and sealife, a few of which you can touch!

9. The weekend ended on a high with my Granny's 80th birthday. Our family went out for a meal (and I ate far too much :( I was so close to bursting!) and we had a great time! Granny's cake was made by Mum's friend and was a cat playing in a massive ball of wool but I had to save it for later I was so stuffed!

How was your week? Share your highlights or posts below!


  1. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only grown-up who loves a trip to Macduff Aquarium! ;)

    That laser cut gift is so clever too. Very nice!

  2. Laser cutting sounds so cool! I would love to try it! That cake is awesome x

  3. It's good fun although a bit more complicated than I'd expected! It takes time to get the design right and mapped out so the printer knows how deep to laser x

  4. Everyone at Allan's work told him it'd be rubbish but he really enjoyed it too!