1. Panda is OK! I had to take Panda to the vet because one of his eyes were turning cloudy. Luckily it was only an infection and the nice vet gave him some medicine so he's all better now!

2. Mum found my old school satchel from when I was little, so I gave it a good clean up!

3. The daffodils (and the sun) are out!

4. Has anyone had this Almondy Tarta thing? Allan took it home from Tesco the other day and it is delicious! Delicious + Daim bits = DELICIOUS!

5. Talking of deliciousness, I've been baking again so I have another tasty cake recipe for you this week! Everyone so far has liked it, let's see if you do too!

6. I haven't been to my usual haunts for a while but managed to bag myself some cheap and cheerful thrifty treats this week. I'm excited about sharing my finds (including this book and a possible outfit post!) later this week!

7. We had our annual work bowling night out at the weekend. Last year I got a trophy as part of the winning team, but this time I was top scorer! I was surprised but very chuffed!

8. We couldn't let the nice weather go to waste so we went geocaching, which I've been itching to try. If you're not sure what geocaching is, it's a great, fun day out and I'll tell you all about it later this week too!

9. And to finish a great week off I made some slightly strong but refreshing sunkissed cider!

How has your week been? What have you loved?


  1. So glad your little Panda is okay!

    My week involved The Book Thief (though the movie version this time round) and a spot of geocaching too! Love it.

  2. Geocatching sounds intriguing! Looks like you had a great week, those daffodils look beautiful!

  3. Jessica Edmunds19 March 2014 at 02:24

    It looks like an amazing week, I love the cider anddddd Daim bars are amazing!! xx

  4. Oooh, was the movie good? I saw that it was coming out, I'll probably watch it before I have time to read the book! Geocaching is so much fun and this weekend was such great weather for it! I'll definitely do more!

  5. It was such a lovely spring day on Sunday and I couldn't believe all the daffies! You should give geocaching a go, I bet there's loads near you too!

  6. Oh they are, aren't they?! I know they get stuck in your teeth but they taste so good! I'll get a post up on how to make the cider cocktail thing, it's all fruity and delicious! x