1. This week was Shrove Tuesday so of course I have to mention my love of pancakes! We had scotch pancakes which are a smaller, thicker and spongier cousin of the crepe, and taste delicious with butter and jam!

2. I've been neglecting my cinema-going this last wee while so I made the effort to catch American Hustle before it left the big screen. I'd heard mixed reviews but once you get past the initial hair shock it's a good film!

3. I treated myself to a small splurge in Primark and got this cute little navy polkadot satchel for £6.

4. Allan writes cute messages for me on our blackboard, but I beamed when I saw his drawings of the piggies!

5. For the first time in ages I had a night out! Against my better judgement I wore heels, which then killed my feet as expected, but I had a great catch-up with my favourite ladies!

6. On Sunday we opened the front door to find this handsome little fella shivering on our doorstep. I'm a sucker for a cute face so we let him in for a bit of warmth and a drink of a water until we could trace his owner.  They're now happily reunited!

7. We've been having some issues with damp in our bathroom so we have to bite the bullet and remove everything surrounding the bath to dry it out. Allan took great pleasure in this but I feel a bit sad that we're not making it pretty straight away.  On the plus side we now have a circular shower rail in the middle of the bath to stop the leaking so (hopefully!) no more damp!

8. I'm starting to find lots of pretty spring flowers in my garden. I have no idea what's been planted here so it'll be a nice surprise!

9. I've been baking again and I have a few more treats up my sleeve, all will be revealed shortly!

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