1. This week I went into Pets At Home and nearly came out with this big floofy bunny! I love looking at the cuties in pet shops, although I do want to take them all home with me!

2. I got a surprise package of macarons in the post from my friend for my birthday which were delicious!

3. I've been working hard on the volunteering side of my wishes for 2014 and I'll hopefully be writing a nice big update for you shortly.

4. I love that we've started to get spring weather! Everyone's beginning to cheer up a bit and get out and do things. I even got treated to a refreshing Irn-Bru at work!

5. I'm ridiculously late in watching Moonrise Kingdom but I got there in the end. Such a lovely film with an awesome cast. I wish I'd been as cool as those kids, dancing to records on the beach!

6. The shops are full of delicious Easter treats, but luckily my bestie Leanne from Broke In The Big Smoke sent me some amongst lots of ace treats for my birthday!

7. I took Mum to see the National Theatre Live production of War Horse at the cinema and we loved it. The puppetry is so amazing that you forget it's not a real horse.

8. My new kitchen floor has been laid! Look how shiny and pretty it is! I'm so glad I have a handy Dad.

9. Yes, I did get up at 7am on a Sunday to hike in the snow, but it was amazing to see it glisten in the sunshine on our climb up Glen Doll.

How's your week been? What have you loved about it?


  1. This looks like a very tasty week! ;)

    Must get round to watching Moonrise Kingdom.

  2. I seem to be having a lot of tasty weeks! :D Pancake Day won't help for next week's post!