1. I've been exercising like a crazy lady this week! I've done step, Zumba, power chi yoga and Bokwa, so it's bound to have done me some good eh?!

2. It was my niece Charlotte's first birthday this week! Aww, she's so pretty and cute and we had great fun at her party (especially on the bouncy castle)!

3. Modern Family is back on the telly and I've just caught up with the last few episodes. I love that show! Everyone is good in it and it's just so funny, but Phil is my favourite!

4. I made lasagne from a kit and it tasted delicious! I'm a bit scared of packet food because it can often taste rubbish, but this Dolmio Original Lasagne Meal Kit was on offer so I thought I'd try it.  I was surprised at how quick and tasty it was! I made mine with meat-free mince but I might chuck some onions and mushrooms in next time.

5. Allan and I haven't been to the cinema together since our second date (which seems strange considering I'm there so often!) so I decided to take him to see Robocop. I don't really remember the original so we'll have to revisit it, but we both enjoyed this one despite the weirdness of him without the suit on!

6. Because my birthday was looming I took birthday treats into the office for my friends. We had scones in the morning and these diddy doughrings in the afternoon. All that good work I did exercising earlier in the week? Wasted!

7. I was asked to design a logo for Allan's band and I'm really happy with how it looks so far!

8. Sunday was my birthday! Yay! I love birthdays, they're pretty important in my family, so I had everyone round to my house and got well and truly spoilt!

9. And I baked a cake! I really enjoy baking, despite it not going fully to plan this time! I usually like sharing recipes I've tried but not sure if I should post this one or not...what do you think? It was delicious even though it went a bit wrong!

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  1. Ha I totally bought that lasagne kit as well to try! Glad it's yummy :)
    Happy Birthday again, your present is in the post as we speak! x