I've been on a little holiday so here's an extended version!

1. I completed my tax return in the last few days before the deadline as always, but it's such a relief when it's done!

2. We went on our first double date as a couple with Allan's close friends and had a lovely time with great conversation and delicious food.

3. I went to see NT Live's Coriolanus starring Tom Hiddleston. It was a brilliant production and I can't rave about National Theatre's idea of bringing theatre to cinemas enough!

4. Just as I was panicking to finish my work before my holidays we had a powercut! I love being without power (for a little while!), there's something quite freeing and peaceful about it.

5. We spent the first day of our trip visiting my friends' new baby. She was only a week old and slept the whole time but she's so cute!

6. We visited another friend who drives this beautiful vintage car. I dream of having (and being able to maintain) a car like that!

7. I've been trying some new tipples and I've discovered I like Cidre and sparkling Moscato! Finally a wine I actually like, other than cherry Lambrini that is!

8. We took a trip to a lovely place called Muddy Boots in Fife where they have a restaurant with a fire and lots of guinea pigs outside!

9. I could spend days in Ikea, provided they let me play house in all the display rooms! We spent many hours going round, looking at everything, spending a fortune, and then trying to fit it all into the car.

10. I got a fantastic deal on a night's stay at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel and it was lovely. We spent hours in the pool and spa, and had a perfect, relaxing stay.

11. On our way home we stopped to pick up some things for Panda and fell in love with this little guy in the pet shop! This is our newest family member "Woody" Woodstock, he's so cute and fluffy he gives me cute aggression!

12. Allan had band practice one day so I decided to treat myself to a Disney Day, watching Tangled, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

13. We've done a lot of work to my home over the holiday and I finally have a sink and washing machine! It shouldn't be that exciting, but it's a piece of independence I've missed. My mum no longer has to do my washing and I don't have to break my back doing dishes in a basin in the bath anymore!

14. I've been dreaming of a bookcase full of books and games for so long and I've finally got it!

15. I managed to squeeze in a trip to the cinema before I returned to work and The Wolf Of Wall Street was brilliant. Although it was 3 hours long it certainly didn't feel it. The funny thing is that no matter how slick and suave Leo DiCaprio can be, he's not afraid to be goofy and I think you always catch a glimpse of his younger self.

Hope you're all having a great week! Let me know what you're loving at the moment!

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  1. LOVE that car in #6. What is it?!

  2. It's a beauty isn't it?! It's a Nissan Figaro, Google it at your own risk! :D

  3. Ahhh, I thought it looked like one! They're my absolute dream car because they're a far more modern drive than they look from the outside. So beautiful!

  4. Yeah, they're lovely and it's hard to believe they're only 23 years old!