1. I joined the gym! I'm not a fan of the actual gym but I like the classes so this week, as part of my bid to be healthier this year, I became a member and went to a Step aerobics class.

2. I've also been having a healthy eating week and I've dropped about 3lbs already! I've swapped my fatty snacks for some that are just as tasty, and my lunch has been this quorn turkey, reduced fat houmous and salad wrap which was delicious!

3. My kitchen is almost finished! I have a hob now too so I can cook actual proper food...

4. ...and my first dish was enchiladas which Allan (and I) loved!

5. I finally got to see 12 Years A Slave and it was brilliant. I have no idea why people would think that was acceptable, but I imagine that people in 150 years time will be confused by some things we do now.

6. Saturday was Burns Night, and as tradition (and my stomach!) dictates we celebrated Rabbie Burns by eating haggis, neeps and tatties (the veggie version for me). Then we did it again on Sunday night too!

7. Allan made Panda this awesome fort out of cardboard boxes from my new kitchen and he loves hiding inside or walking round the ramparts.

8. I got loads for the kitchen this weekend but I love my new hand blender!  I made soup and it's so much easier zapping those onions than chopping them by hand though teary eyes!

9. I also bought loads of other housey things but seemed to go on a cut glass spree! I love it's vintage look and it fits perfectly with the style of my house.

How was your week? What have been your highlights?


  1. That fort is just adorbs! Alan's totally a keeper x

  2. all the food looks so yummy :) but I must say that fort is fabulous..... Allan deserves a Blue Peter badge for that :)

  3. He totally got a big head reading that! :D He did a great job and Panda loves it! x

  4. Thanks Deborah! He's had so many compliments about it, I might have to make him a wee badge! :D x