1. This photo of Panda has to be one of the cutest ever!

2. Birthday cakes at work are a great idea. It was a colleague's birthday this week and she brought in the hugest cakes!

3. I've really struggled to get a new desk calendar I like for work so I made one of my own! I downloaded this free printable from Landeelu and clipped it to a folded piece of card. So simple!

4. I love cooking with Allan. Not only is it good fun, but we always have great chats whilst we make things (like this tasty veggie cottage pie!) together.

5. We also started a Battlestar Galacticathon. I seem to have so many tv and film series to catch up on, but I'm getting there!

6. One of my resolutions was to be healthier, so I've been planning my meals for next week. I feel really motivated at the moment, so I better act on it because it doesn't always last long!

7. Eating healthier will be much easier now that I have a new oven! For those of you who don't know, I moved house a few months ago and still don't have a fully functioning kitchen, but I am SO EXCITED about having a grill and oven! This'll help me cut down on the microwave meals and takeaways!

8. This isn't a great photo because it was so dark, but I had a lovely cocktail afternoon tea with Lorna, my friend who's just returned from her honeymoon in Malaysia. Nope, not jealous, not at all!

9. This is my new hat. Hat's are cool.

How was your week? What have you loved?


  1. Great post and you have such a lovely blog! New follower over here! Can't wait to read some more posts! xx


  2. Hi Jane, thanks very much! Glad to have you on board! :D x