1. I had to take my car to the garage this week (nothing to serious thankfully!) and I got to have a leisurely stroll somewhere new! I love taking time to look around properly and find things I never knew existed.

2. Panda's little adventures make me laugh! Here he is, beside the Santa sacks, investigating the tree and attempting to eat it! This is his first Christmas and he seems to have taken a shine to this hiding place!

3. I made this jigsaw last week and there was ONE PIECE MISSING! Grrrr! I looked around the floor, between the cushions, under the sofa but couldn't find it. How relieved was I to find the missing jigsaw piece in the kitchen of all places?! It's so satisfying to be able to put the last piece in!

4. I'm totally hooked on Devious Maids and I know loads of you are too! So scandalous and funny with a good main storyline but lots of great subplots!

5. I went hill walking again! I know! It's becoming a bit of a habit! This weekend Allan and I went to Glen Clova and it was snowy but beautiful.

6. We had the loveliest weekend away staying at the Glen Clova Hotel in a great room...

7. ...eating until we were fit to burst next to the fire in their cosy walker's bar! Seriously, I had to be pushed up the stairs! (Full details of this mini-adventure to follow!).

8. On the way back home we stopped at Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre. I was wary to start with because I thought it'd be a bit boring, but it was actually great fun! Wait until you see the photos from this!

9. Reluctant to return to normality just yet we watched Total Recall. I'd seen the remake but you can't beat the original for the eye-popping faces!

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  1. Gorgeous post, love ones like this! So unique the food looks so yummy, never seen devious maids?! Am I missing out?! Xx