1. I completed my Japanese course this week! And I got a certificate! It was harder than I thought it would be, for every rule there's an exception, but at least I know some basics now!

2. After my visit to Drum Castle, I made a wreath from the bits and bobs I bought. I quite impressed myself!

3. I bought this sweet little rabbit night light. I had seen them online but when I saw this one for only £2 I decided to treat myself.

4. It's Panda's first Christmas so I filled a tiny Santa sack with some treats that he's never had before so it should be a nice surprise!

5. I never saw The Grey at the cinema which is a shame because it was a really good film. And a bit festive, with the snow and that!

6. Mum's macaroni is the bomb! I ask for it every time I'm round (much to her annoyance)!

7. The big release at the cinema this week was Anchorman 2. I love Anchorman and although I didn't think this was as good (could it ever be?), it was great to have the newsteam back!

8. I bought this reindeer cupcake to eat at the cinema and the reindeer is a ring! Double whammy!

9. It's a bit of a tradition for me to pick out my festive viewing from the Radio Times. There's loads of great movies on this year and of course Doctor Who and Sherlock will be unmissable! My Sky+ will strain with good tv!


  1. Congrats on your certificate, hun ♥
    Im sure panda will be happy :))
    Reindeeeer ♥♥♥ Luv it!!

  2. I've always wanted to learn Japanese, I tried Chinese though through the Open University and it was so tricky.

  3. Thanks Donny! Panda is certainly very happy with all his new treats! And yes Lisa, it's very difficult isn't it?! And not just because of the symbols!