Christmas is always the busiest time of year at my vintage shop and it's my favourite too!

I usually wrap my orders in brown recycled paper. I like the idea of my customers opening their purchase as if it's a gift for them, and maybe it is! And even if it's a gift for someone else, they will get to unveil it first. I love receiving parcels of any kind, and even if I know what's in them it's still exciting!

At Christmas I like to mix it up a bit. I swap the plain paper for some Christmas wrapping and I swap the little handwritten note I attach for one of the Christmas cards I designed. It's only a small change, but hopefully it's more exciting for people to open!

I'm also in the process of moving the last of my boxes into my new house and I've found lots of ace things which I'd forgotten I had!

Do you remember these? You fill them with water and try to get the floating things into the main big thing (I'm explaining this well aren't I?!) using the button which blasts air inside. I bought these for the shop in the summer and was so excited to find them boxed!

I bought these books purely based on the covers, something about them lured me in.

Did anyone have this as a child? I did! I would imagine that mine was quite badly abused (as most of our toys were) but I love the pictures and the simplicity of the game.

The animations on these greetings cards are right up my street! The little dudes with their big hair and tiny faces are so 70s and the messages are really sweet!

I discovered a few more annuals and books which I'd boxed up. There are a few there which are still to be listed but I think they make great Christmas presents! If you've spotted something you fancy which I haven't listed yet just let me know! Otherwise take a look in my shop for some more gift ideas!

I feel all nostalgic after looking through those!

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  1. What a gorgeous post!!! I can't say that I know of many of the games (sorry!!!) but nonetheless I really enjoyed reading! Xxx