1. Philomena is a great film! So well written and acted and Steve Coogan plays such a likeable character alongside the brilliant Judi Dench. (It also makes me very angry about how people treat each other).

2. It's getting cold outside so I love wearing secretly exciting socks under by boring work clothes!

3. I also love hot porridge in front of the fire to keep me cosy!

4. I bought this card for my cousin's birthday as it made me laugh out loud in Tesco!

5. It's the first time I've ventured into town and seen the shops' pretty Christmas lights.

6. I know there's been mixed opinions, but I really liked Gravity. It's something different and put my bad days to shame!

7. I love being a girlfriend again! It's still early days, but it's all good! This is Allan, handsome devil and all round lovely guy (and I'm not just saying that because he'll read this)!

8. He even convinced me to go for a 12.5km walk round Loch Muick! It took hours but I barely noticed, it was so beautiful.

9. My kitchen isn't finished yet, but I managed to make a three course meal using only the microwave! And for microwave cooking it was pretty damn good!


  1. love your socks, the birthday card made me laugh :D I must venture out to see some Christmas lights too. Nice to hear you're a girlfriend and enjoying it <3 great walk.... I miss my walks in the hills :( 3 courses in a microwave.... well done :)

  2. Gorgeous post & lovely to read so much positivity xxx


  3. Such a happy post:)
    Looooooove the socks xx

  4. the card is perfect!!! love it! ♥

  5. I got that card last year for my birthday! hahha. Congrats on the new relationship *twit-a-whoo*. Lovely post to read! =)