Well hello there! I've been MIA for a few weeks so here's a quick catchup:

1. I went to New York! Oh yes I did! My sister and I went on an adventure across the Atlantic for a week-ish and has a stressful but good time! I'll be giving you a full write-up shortly!

2. I went to New York Comic Con! And it was awesome! So much to see, so little time, such sore feet afterwards! More about this shortly too.

3. I went to New York BlytheCon! Yip, another convention of a slightly different kind! I got to meet some lovely Blythe fans across the pond just a week after visiting the UK one. And yes, there's more to follow on both BlytheCons shortly too!

4. As you can imagine I saw a few films! Fifth Estate hasn't done as well in the box office as expected, even the lure of Benny Batch's acting wasn't sufficient for some.  I went to see it though, mostly out of curiosity and to get some further understanding of the story in general, and I thought it was really good.

5. I also saw One Chance, which is a really sweet and funny story, Captain Phillips, which was much better than expected (despite me having to lob a rolled up napkin at a woman who sat playing with her mobile phone), Bad Grandpa, which was average apart from the unscripted parts which were hilarious, and I saw NTLive's Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster again, and loved it again.

6. The highlight though was Thor: The Dark World. A great film with the usual action and comedy and the mid-credit scenes on these Marvel films are getting exciting!

7. It's started to get colder and darker so I'm getting into that winter frame of mind. I bought this Quorn Stew & Dumplings ready meal and it was delicious!

8. I also bought some new pyjamas! I love the feeling of new jammies, especially teamed with my new fluffy jumper thing and electric blanket! Mmmmm...cosy!

9. I've also been eating lots of delicious, unhealthy things, which will have to stop very soon! This is a bonfire cake, which is chocolate with a strawberry filling, topped with icing, Flake and crushed hard sweets. So nice but so sickening! Unlike Dairy Milk with Daim chunks which is a new favourite!


  1. Looks like you've had an amazing month! I am very jealous! x

  2. Can't wait to hear more about your New York trip....must've been AMAZING!!!!!