1. My nails have been destroyed by weeks of DIY, so it's nice to have pretty, painted nails again!

2. I love how well Panda is settling in to our new home! I bought a desk which sits right next to his cage and he stands up at the side and watches me work!

3. I've seen Rush twice this week! I saw White House Down and Sunshine On Leith too, but this is a really good film. We don't have D-Box (chairs that vibrate and move slightly to simulate parts of the film) at my local Cineworld, so during my trip to Glasgow I decided to try it out and saw Rush again! (I'll be blogging about my trip in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for that to find out what I got up to and what I thought of D-Box).

4. I got a new car! Well, new to me anyway! I felt very sad about giving up my sporty Celica for this sensible (boring!) car, but just as I was away to trade it in the exhaust burst, so it made handing it over a bit easier!

5. I had my first Japanese lesson and it went well.  The class seen really nice and the teacher is good fun, now I just have to take it all in!

6. For some reason I don't eat at my local Wagamama, but get really excited when I see it elsewhere! I love their Saien Soba ramen.

7. I made some tartan clothes for my Blythes this week. I find sewing doll's clothes so frustrating, possibly because I don't give myself enough time to do it, but they're so tiny and niggley that they make me bored and angry!

8. I didn't do all that sewing just for fun, the little outfits were made especially for BlytheCon UK. I had a great time this year, partly because I was a newbie last year and didn't know anyone, and partly because of the great atmosphere and people who attended.

9. Of course, during my trip I couldn't resist having a look through Glasgow's vintage and charity shops. I'll show you my finds in the next couple of days too!

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