Do I have enough regular features? Yes, I probably do! But here's one I couldn't resist...

Life Scouts is the brainchild of Alex Day, who I've watched on YouTube for a very long time. In fact he was one of the first channels I subscribed to, back when he used to be just Nerimon.

So basically the idea is that it's a badge collecting community, and you gain badges by telling your blog readers about your experiences in that specific area. What a great idea!*

* Plus I want some badges :)

French Language Badge

Like a whole lot of kids in the UK, I studied French at school. At my school, we only had the choice of French or German and, as I'd heard that German was more difficult, I went for French!

I studied it for four years and got myself a Standard Grade of 3 I think, but the best bit of all was getting to go on my first trip abroad to Disneyland Paris, where I used no French whatsoever!

However, I do actually still remember some of the language, and it came in very helpful on my last trip to France when we'd had a nightmare of a day and a problem getting a hotel room!

Guitar Badge

I have very little patience or ability when it comes to learning musical instruments, but my greatest success (pretty much by default) was when playing the guitar.

I'd always fancied being a drummer really, but I saw a gorgeous blue bowl-backed semi-acoustic that shook me. I was all set to have lessons, but I moved to Dundee and became too busy with settling in, starting work and meeting new people that I forgot about it all.

After things had calmed down I picked it up again, this time teaching myself from books, but just as I was learning some proper tunes (a little Garth Brooks anyone?) I became ridiculously poor and had to sell my guitar and I haven't picked one up since. Which is probably for the best :D

What do you reckon?  Is this a good feature? How are your French/guitar skills?

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