1. This week I finally moved home! I'm now officially living in Aberdeen and loving it!

2. There's been some great tv this week, and The Wrong Mans was one of the best! I love how well written it is.

3. Tunnock's Teacakes are delicious. I need to eat them more. Like daily or something.

4. Filth is an awesome film. I was at the Unlimited screening this week and loved it! It's very Scottish, and very Irvine Welsh, and James McAvoy is brilliant.

5. Another sweet treat I haven't had in ages is Tipsy Cake. I needed change for the bus and it's such a shame that the bakers is between the cash machine and bus stop...

6. Seems like I've been waiting ages for Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD to begin, but it was worth it!

7. I've signed up for an evening class so I'll be learning Japanese! I learnt a little for my trip to Japan last year but really wanted to do it properly.

8. What a busy weekend I've had! First up was the Autumn Fashion Fix, with beauty and hair demonstrations and fashion ideas...

9. ...followed by the Scottish Home Show the same day! I'm such a loser around celebs, so I took a sneaky snap from afar of Tommy Walsh off the telly!

10. I love collecting Lego Minifigures and this time I got exactly the one I wanted!

11. The X Factor has been back on for a few weeks but it's heating up now the categories have been selected. I'm not too excited about most of the contestants this year, but Paul Akister and Sam Bailey give me chills!

12. I've had a bit of car drama this week, but I'm so happy that the garage have given me a loan car until my new one is ready. Phew!

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