1. The main thing I love this week is, after month's of scrimping and saving, I finally have the full deposit for my flat! I'm actually pretty proud of myself for working extra jobs and saving hard, but it was all worth it!

2. My thrifty behaviour paid off cos I got to guest post in Donna at Polkadot Pink's How To eBay series! I talk about my tips for buying and selling vintage on eBay right here.

3. I love doing nice things for people, it just makes you feel good! This week one of my friends was having a tough time, so I went round with frozen yogurt and sunflowers to cheer her up.

4. Calzone Legume from Bella Italia is so big but so delicious!

5. Although I don't get the keys until Friday I've been having a great time window shopping for my new home! If I see something I take a photo with my phone so I don't forget about it.

6. I couldn't resist buying this cow wind-up torch though, it was in the sale for £2! Bargain!

7. I spent Sunday watching three films. The first was We're The Millers and it was hilarious (and I don't say that about films often!). Everyone in it was great, but I love Jason Sudeikis in EVERYTHING!

8. Next up was Elysium, which had lots of action, but was also a good story showing the lengths people will go to when pushed.

9. And finally 2 Guns. Also very, very funny with lots of punch-ups, car chases and shoot-outs. Mark Wahlberg is ace, can't wait to see Pain & Gain too!


  1. Off to read the guest post posthaste! I have a vintage shop on Etsy and when sales are slow I always think about trying Ebay, too, but am not sure how the auction format would work for what I sell. Thank you!