1. Bondathon update - Loved Licence To Kill, one of my favourites so far, and love Pierce Brosnan as Bond, he's in my top three!

2. Got me a new geeky mousemat for work :) It's holographic, making it hard to photograph, but cool to look at!

3. Clearing out my flat and I found my glass mug and made an awesome hot chocolate with skooshy cream and chocolate drops. Yum!

4. Dundee Tattoo Convention as awesome. I got some ideas, spoke to some great artists and saw some brilliant work, and I'll be posting my highlights soon!

5. I saw Kick-Ass 2. Chloë Grace Moretz is ridiculously cool. In Kick-Ass she's cool. In every other thing I've seen her in, she's cool. I heard an interview with her on the radio the other day and guess what? Cool.

6. I bought a couple of nail polishes and I've been wearing this one ever since. It's Rimmel 60 Seconds in Sky High.

7. Candy floss is pure sugar loveliness.

8. We went to a family day out for a local dog charity.  So many lovely doggies...so little space in the car :) More pics coming soon!

9. Best buy of the week was this £6 My Little Pony t-shirt from Primark. It's so cool, I bet Chloë Moretz has one...

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