1. I blasted through the Bondathon this week by watching For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View To A Kill and The Living Daylights. Although Roger Moore was better from Octopussy onwards, he's still my least favourite Bond :(

2. Mum brings home these MASSIVE doughrings, cherry scones and cookies from work, check the size of this dude! The cookie I had was almost the size of my hand, and thick too, I'll be so skinny once I move out (although they are so delicious)!

3. But I have enjoyed working those huges cakes off by walking in the sunshine! If you didn't know I've been delivering leaflets for the local gym and it's great exercise, plus I get paid for it! It's been sunny every single time too! *touches wood*

4. I finally met my Twitter friend Holly this weekend and we had a delicious afternoon tea. Yes, that is macarons and dipped strawberries you see!

5. I decided to give myself a little treat this weekend so I bought this new jacket and shoes from H&M. The shoes were marked down from £25 to £15, but when I got to the til they were £7! Winning!

6. I also needed some new pyjamas (honest, I did)! One of the good things about being single immature fun is that you can wear ridiculous jammies like these with Elmo and Moomins on!

7. Grown Ups 2 totally had me laughing this weekend, they must have so much fun making them! (And have you seen the poster of them when they're young? Wolfwhistle to Kevin James! Whit woo!)

8. The Heat was good too, those two ladies make a great duo! I refuse to use the film poster here, ridiculous photoshop job on Melissa, doesn't even look like her!

9. And I spent Sunday packaging up eBay stuff I've sold. I LOVE people who pay straight away! :D

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