1. This week I got to go to my solicitors and sign the paperwork for my flat! Not long now! I found this dude in the waiting room and wanted to steal him, but thought that a lawyer's office is probably not a great place to rob!

2. I'm being so slow watching these, but the latest in the Bondathon was Moonraker. The Roger Moore ones aren't my favourites, they're just a bit far-fetched and cheesy, but sometimes that's what makes them good!

3. ♫ If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club ♫ I'd forgotten how delicious mint clubs were!

4. I got my ticket for Dundee Tattoo Convention! Can't wait to get some inspiration for my next one!

5. Have you tried these new Breezer Spritzers? They're delicious! They taste like juice and are great for people like me that don't like wine! I tried the peach and mixed fruit ones and they're so refreshing.

6. I've been wearing Essie Nice Is Nice nail polish all week and I love the greyish lilac colour.

7. I raved about Lawless when I saw it at the cinema and waited until now to watch it again.  Still absolutely brilliant.

8. How amazing is my new suitcase? I can't believe how awesome it is! I bought it at a local car boot sale and as I pulled it around people kept saying how much they loved it! My Dad is threatening to steal it too...

9. Like millions of others, I sat glued to the TV tonight to find out who would be the next Doctor. Despite my absolute love of Matt Smith, I gladly welcome the brilliant Peter Capaldi into the TARDIS and can't wait to see what kind of Doctor he'll be!

Hope you've all had an amazing week too! What have you loved?


  1. I must agree with you, the Roger Moore Bonds are not my favourites (I am an eternal Sean Connery fan) but I just LOVE Moonraker. Also Live and Let Die:)

  2. Sean is definitely the best Bond! He's just got this cheeky glint in his eye! :)

  3. I'm praying that Peter Capaldi will be amazing as Doctor Who. I can see him turning into a sort of dark Doctor but I think that's just the Malcolm Tucker in him making me think that x

  4. I think he will be, he's a great actor, and I'm hoping he's a bit dark too! I think it's time for a shake-up, something a wee bit different :) x