1. Paloma got a new zebra onesie from my friend Cat, the wonderful lady who customised her! I've wanted this onesie since I laid my eyes on it at last year's BlytheCon UK, and I'm so glad it's mine!

2. No spoilers, but that thing, you know, the thing that happened on New Girl this week! For anyone ahead or behind I'm talking series 2, episode 15.

3. It's such a relief that I've received my mortgage offer! I knew I'd get it, but it just means everything is progressing nicely for my move!

4. This week I put up my first giveaway and I'm so glad that people are entering! Obviously there are lots of Paperchase fans like me! There's still time to enter... :)

5. It was my Auntie's birthday on Friday and the weather was so nice we all sat outside.  I love our family tradition of getting together at birthdays.

6. The sunny weather has been amazing! I got the chance to sit outside in the garden with Panda...

7. ... and have a day out with Mum in my town. We went thrifting and had a refreshing juice and cupcakes stop at the local craft activity shop, before some more shopping and a quick drink in the pub!

8. On Sunday morning I continued my Bondathon with Live And Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun. Roger Moore does make a good Bond, he's very suave!

9. But the highlight of my amazing weekend was watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon with a nice cold glass of gin and tonic!


  1. Looks and sounds like an awesome week all around. Congrats on your mortgage and I'm not a tennis fan but so brilliant that a Brit won Wimbledon eh?!

    Best wishes x

  2. Thanks! Slowly getting there! And yes, after 77 years it's definitely time! And what a game it was! :)