1. The weather here this week has been IMMENSE! It's sooo, sooo warm and I've been doing heaps of walking, like a woman possessed!

2. My first giveaway came to a close this week and I had such a great response! Thank you again to everyone that entered! Who won?

3. I've been writing my first guest post this week. It's a weird process, trying to think of a topic, represent yourself but fit in with the bloggers audience, and hoping it's well received! Hopefully it'll be posted this week, and I'll share it through Twitter, Facebook etc when it is!

4. Ah, sunny Dundee! I was in Dundee for 4 days this week and it was nice to get time off work when the sun was shining!

5. Yes, this is me, wearing a dress! It's not a great picture, but this is one of my new dresses I bought in the Debenhams sale.  I don't wear enough dresses, so I made a point of packing a few and I felt super-summery and girly!

6. Mmmm, trifle! One of my very favourite puddings!

7. Pacific Rim was good, like Transformers meets Starship Troopers meets Godzilla. Think the 3D version was a good choice!

8. I met up with friends or a meal and a few drinks. This was the really nice veggie fish & chips I had, where the fish was replaced by halloumi! I love it when restaurants think outside the box for meat-free dishes!

9. Gotta love eBay free listing weekends! My clearout continues...

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