1. Yes, I admit it, I love Made In Chelsea (except Louise, who totally does my head in) but it was their end of series party last week which is always good for some gossip!

2. My hands were broken from more crocheting this week, getting my shop stocked up with these hair bows for dollies and humans alike! And I've had a few orders in already, which makes me very happy!

3. I got my mortgage approved! This means that my new home is a go and I'll be moving at the end of August! Yippee! (It was becoming a bit of a saga, read all about it here)

4. We're having some lovely warm evenings here, so Mum and I went on a Treasure Trail around the town I stay in. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours, watch out for the full post later this week.

5. Panda & I were featured in Danielle's Bloggers With Pets series! Panda loved posing for the photos!

6. Saturday was dedicated to getting my blog sale post online. There are about 100 items on there, which is (scarily) only about a quarter of my wardrobe!

7. It's Glastonbury weekend and I've been catching some great bands on the telly, including Arctic Monkeys, Mumford & Sons and The Rolling Stones.

8. This Is The End was hilarious! I love Seth Rogan and if it was the end of the world, I'd want to hang with these guys. It has an awesome ending too!

9. The day I've been waiting for finally arrived and I got to see the severely amazing Much Ado About Nothing. What can I say?  It was great. It was just really well done and funny and cool and well acted and...just great!


  1. Yay on the house! It's all such a faff isn't it? I have to agree I love Made In Chelsea too, it's such a guilty secret. I sat watching the Mumford and Sons set and was epic, would love to see them one day x

  2. It is a faff! Hopefully it'll all be smooth sailing from now on! Mumford & Sons are defo on my must see list too! :)