1. I went to the secret screening at Cineworld and, although it wasn't Thor, I really enjoyed Now You See Me.

2. I bit the bullet and joined the gym this week. I go through phases on going, usually when I feel I need it, and when I'm in the mood I love it.  Plus they have a deal on just now, a rolling £20 a month for their peak membership. Unfortunately the mood only lasts a few months!

3. I've also been taking advantage of my craving for salads. People always moan about the weather but I think we're doing pretty well so far, and sunny weather always makes me eat healthier.

4. I bought my tickets for New York Comic Con! Soooo excited! It's my first time, so if you're going too or have any tips, let me know!

5. I love older films at the weekend, and this weekend The 'Burbs was on, which never gets old, and Sweet Home Alabama. Mmm..Josh Lucas!

6. I've started crocheting again this week and I made some hair bands for Blythe dolls and I'm in the process of making hair bows for Blythes and humans alike! It's really relaxing, although my arms a bit dead today!

7. What a week for films it's been! My weekend cinema jaunt included Despicable Me 2, which was bound to be good (I want a minion all of my own!)...

8. ...and World War Z, which some people haven't enjoyed so much, but I did.  The cinema was deadly quiet with anticipation at the appropriate parts!

9. I've been saving my pennies recently for a new flat, but I decided to treat myself to Walter from the Disney Store.  Look at that face, who could resist! He's also a great model for my crocheted bows! :D

Tell me about your week? What have you loved?

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