1.  My parents went away for a few days so I had a free house!

2. To take full advantage of my free house, I caught up on lots of films. It was a great chance to continue my Bondathon, watching Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever. That's all the Connery ones watched, now onto Roger Moore!

3. Whilst watching all the films, I tried out Nails Inc's Graffiti nails over black nail polish.  It was a bit of a knack to getting the bits to settle in the right place, but a couple of coats later and it turned out well.

4. And in between painting my nails and watching films, I stuffed my face with Terry's Chocolate Orange!

5. My hair wasn't cut as short at my last appointment so I could make it pretty for my friend's wedding, and it was starting to get tuggy and annoying and lifeless. So it was time for a hair cut and colour! I dye it myself at home and I got an Itison voucher for Saks in Dundee, so it was a cheap pick-me-up!

6. Does anyone remember Glo Bugs? I used to have one when was little but you may remember I bought one recently at a car boot sale. Well I tested it out and it still works! It doesn't hold the light for long unfortunately, but when I took a photo in the dark with my flash on it really lit up!

7. Yo! has just released a range of burgers so I had to try one. I had a Tofu Burger which came with  edamame, daikon slaw and misochup. The "bun" is made of rice, so you can't just pick it up and eat it, you have to dissect it, but it was lovely!

8. I went to see Man Of Steel and Henry Cavill was perfect for it. The movie does a great job of explaining the full back story, although the fight scenes could've been a little shorter.

9. Sunday was Father's Day, so I'll leave you with this wonderful photo of my Dad (in disguise)!


  1. Had to comment just to say how freakin cute your Dad is! Bless him!

    Best wishes, Danielle.

  2. He's a weirdo Danielle, don't encourage him! :D