1. It was my Mum's birthday this week and I found this great card for her. She's a tailoress by trade so it's perfect! I also made part of her gift, but I think I'll do a tutorial on that later this week.

2. There's a secret screening at Cineworld for Unlimited card holders shortly and I'm so excited that I managed to get tickets, because there's a rumour that it may be Thor: The Dark World and if it is I may pee my pants!

3. I got my parcel through the post for my first product review! I'm really excited about it because it's something that I wanted to try out and something I knew I'd use. You'll be able to read my review next week.

4. I finally put in an offer on a flat! I'm still waiting to hear back, but when I do you'll know about it! I'm a bundle of nerves and I want to know NOW!

5. I recently got a delivery of Graze porridges so I've been eating them for lunch this week and they are delicious! I'll do a separate post on them too (this'll be a busy week)!

6. I took this photo of CDs at my work just because I loved the way the office lights reflected on them!

7. I was down in Dundee this weekend seeing friends and it's so nice just to sit out and have cider in the sun...

8. ...and maybe a little Smarties McFlurry too! I eat all the ice cream first, scraping the Smarties to the side, then munch them last!

9. I bought this colouring in/doodling book recently and made a start on the first picture. Colouring in is so much fun but I think adults forget that! And guess what? I'll tell you all about it in another post! I'm going to do some more pictures for you first though!

Hope you've had a lovely week too!


  1. well what can I say to this post? :)
    1 Beautiful card for your mum
    2 You better wear a tena lady pad, just in case lol
    3 I'm curious, can't wait to hear more
    4 Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)
    5 porridge eeeewww yuk
    6 CD's wow, great pic
    7 can't beat a cider in the sun
    8 McFlurry! not my thing but glad you enjoy your very own way of eating it lol
    9 colouring books are great!
    and I'll say more on another post lol

    good luck with the flat, hope this is the one :)

  2. Thanks Deborah! It's so annoying having to wait to find out, I feel like I'm holding my breath until I hear back!

    And I'm not usually a fan of porridge, but this stuff if the best I've ever tasted! You think it'd be in our blood to love it! :D