1. You'll see from the sidebar I have some new blogging buddies! I've been speaking to lots of lovely bloggers on Twitter recently and been getting lots of good advice through #lbloggers, so I like to share the love!

2. My househunt has continued this week and I found somewhere I liked, then somewhere I liked a bit more! I've got a second viewing planned for tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to put an offer in!

3. Whilst working I've been listening to Opus Orange "mile...mile & a half" which is actually a movie soundtrack, but great background music.

4. I had a great girls' night out on Friday. I don't actually go out very much, so when I do I like to make the most of it!

5. The day after the night before I went shopping and bought these cute bunny slippers! They have little fluffy tails too! And they were only £4 from Primark.

6. I also bought this little fisheye lens thing for my phone. It's a keyring which you attach to your phone with suckers and it takes fisheye pics! Another bargain from Primark for £3.

7. I love this nail polish, Nails Inc Leather Effect in black. You just paint it on as normal and it dries with a leathery texture and you also get four little silver skulls which you can decorate your nails with (I'm saving mine for a more appropriate outfit!).

8. My Bond marathon continued with the awesome Goldfinger (wah waah waaaahh) on my lazy Sunday...

9. ...then watching Ice Age with Sid! No matter how many times you watch any of the Ice Age films, they're still wonderful!

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