I usually put my thrifty finds into my ♥ This Week's Loves ♥ posts but I don't think that gives them the attention they deserve!

I really love having a rummage round fairs and charity shops and car boot sales to see what I can find, I just wish I had more time to do it!

These are my finds from this weekend:

I bought this Star Wars jigsaw and when I got it home I found some Star Wars Top Trumps in there too! Boost!

I try and get all my DVDs at markets now as they're so cheap and usually hardly ever used. The going rate is about £1 per DVD, unless it's a box set or something special, but always make sure the disc is in the box!

Most of you will know that I love a good jigsaw, and this Gone With The Wind one is still sealed so at least I know there are no bits missing!

And of course I have to treat myself to some annuals! But I can't be too greedy, so I've added the Jack & Jill one to my vintage shop! Two for me and one for you, that's fair right? :)

I bought a couple of lucky dip bags of dolls clothes. The accessories are fine and some of the shoes fit, as does the silver swimsuit, but the rest of the clothes were too big and the Sindy shoes (at the top) are too big for Blythes so I'll see if any other dolly people fancy them.

I really liked the dress but it was a bit big for Evie so I did some alterations and now it's perfect!

My favourite finds of the day are this Star Trek The Next Generation Starship Enterprise and my Tribble!  The Enterprise has sounds and lights which weren't working when I opened it up, but I fixed it up and now it works a treat!

Are you a thrifter? Let me see what you've found! Leave me a link in the comments below :)

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