1. This week is my workiversary, I've been here for 5 years! That definitely called for cake!

2. I've been considering this Zara bag for a while, ever since I saw Milkteef blog about it, and this week she mentioned it again so I just went ahead and got it. I love that it looks like a sandwich bag!

3. I've been dining with friends this week. My friend Leanne was back up visiting from London and it was great to catch up over her homemade vegemince, peach bellinis and chocolate, and I went out for lunch with another friend and had this delicious rhubarb and custard tart for pud!

4. I love sunshine! Fact. It was such a lovely weekend here and everyone was happy and getting out and doing things. Everything is better with sunshine!

5. I decided to have a Ben & Jerry sundae for the first time this week at the cinema. Have you had one of these things? It's packed full of stuff! I had Cherry Garcia, Raspberry Brownie and Peanut Butter Cup, filled with warm chocolate sauce, topped with milk chocolate pieces, then whipped cream and sprinkled with nuts!

6. I took my sundae in to see Hangover III. This wasn't the best Hangover film, but it was still awesome and hilarious and full of cringey moments. And Bradley Copper is at his hottest in these films!

7. With the sun shining I decided I needed a new summery perfume, and I chose Escada Cherry In The Air which is really sweet and fruity.

8. I had a clearout this week, mostly of my wardrobe, and me and Mum had a car boot sale. There's a big one not far from where I live every weekend, and because it was such a lovely day it was super busy. We made quite a bit, although I ended up spending most of mine again, but I picked up loads of amazing stuff this week! Keep an eye out for my Thrifty Finds post shortly!

9. After my early morning and hard day selling/shopping, I sat down to the first episode of the new series of Arrested Development. I can't wait to see some more!

What have you loved about this week?

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