1. I stopped over after my holidays so I could have a day vintage shopping in Edinburgh. I found this lovely shop called Smooch on Bread Street...

2. ...on my way to my #1 vintage haunt, Armstrongs. I got these amazing vintage scarves for £5 as they're on buy one get one free just now! The top one is for my head and I'm thinking that the bottom one would look great draped over a table!

3. After a big adventure, I always love coming home, especially when it involves this seriously picturesque train ride up the coast.

4. It's been fun and games with Panda this week! He's been playing in his play area, having his first bath (not a fan!) and he had his first Panda Picnic! I think he deserves a full post, so I'll do that soon!

5. I've watched lots of films this week. Mum and I sat down to watch Pinocchio, which I haven't seen in years, but we were both singing along!

6. Wow. The Great Gatsby. Wow. Loved it! So decadent, great music, beautiful imagery. I haven't read the book, but found the story pretty powerful, and Leo was amazing. Baz Luhrmann makes great movies. Fact.

7. After that I went to see Fast & Furious 6, which is totally different!  As usual, it's a bit cheesy and pretty laughable at times (I'd never seen a flying headbutt before!) but there's something about high speed races and chases, awesome cars, Vin Diesel's voice, Dwayne Johnson's body and Paul Walker's eyes that suck you in! And the twist at the end ties up some loose ends and sets us up nicely for 7!

8. I've been out thrifting again! I got some awesome bits this week which I'll blog about asap, but I'll give you a sneaky taster just now, I haz a Tribble!

9. Oh James Bond, you handsome devil you! I started watching all the Bond films I'd recorded on Sky+. I saw Dr No and From Russia With Love and I just love them! Sean Connery is so slick, so dashing, and the way he is with Moneypenny...what a man!

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