1. Going on holiday! As you read this I am (hopefully!) in sunny Portugal, where I'll be for the next week for my friend's wedding. Full blogpost to follow...

2. I love all the pretty daffodils everywhere just now!

3. Me and Mum sat and watched Bambi together this week. Disney's just fab, isn't it?!

4. Of course I have to include my favourite thing of the week Panda Amos Starchild!

5. Completing Live Below The Line was a big accomplishment for me this week and I'm pretty proud of myself!

6. I got a huge stash at this year's Free Comic Book Day!

(Sorry it's a short one, I'm quickly writing this as I pack my suitcase!)


  1. the guinea pig is sooooo cute! <3

  2. Thanks Donny, he's settled into his new home very well and is starting to get cheeky! What are your piggies called?