I remember chatting to an old schoolfriend who I hadn't spoken to for years, since I was very little, and her memory of me was that once, during a lesson, I kept interupting the teacher.

The teacher would speak and I kept shouting "Miss!". She'd reply "Just a moment" or "be quiet" or something similar but I kept on shouting and raising my hand "Miss!" "But Miss!" until the teacher finally gave in. "What is it, Karen?" she said, and I replied, lifting my feet "But Miss, new shoes!".

It's safe to say I've always loved shoes, cos that's basically how I reacted this weekend when I showed off my new shoes to anyone who'd look!

Just look at these beauties! How cute are they?! Very much like a pair I bought my tiny niece when she was born, these are from Rocket Dog and they're called Valene.

Unfortunately, some other child-like habits are still with me, as I managed to scuff them in less than a couple of minutes of wearing them :(

These completely drew me in. The colours and pattern went straight to my brain and told it that although these shoes seem weird, I should try them on. And they do look amazing on! These are Chica by Schuh.

And when I got to the counter I spotted this super-cool Vans bag which was on £2! I love how the straps are like laces!

Do you love my new shoes?

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