Outfit posts are something I've been putting off for a few reasons.

My excuses are that I don't have the space or the right lighting or equipment, but here's the real reason...

...I just don't like pictures of myself!

I have a tendency to make faces in photos, always have done, here are some shining examples:

What can I say, I have an expressive face!

But this week I decided to bite the bullet and just take some blinkin' pictures! And here's the best one:

Shirt: New Look - Jeans: New Look - Vest: Topshop

I made a backdrop using a clothes rail and some fabric, which is not ideal but there are no blank walls in my house with enough space in front of them for the camera! The handy thing about it is that it can be wheeled about and moved to suit the light! I parked it in the living room which has the biggest window and set up my tripod and the self-timer and away I went!

In future I'll do more pictures to show detail etc, but I just wanted to show you this shirt which was only £6 in the sale at New Look and there were loads in my local store. It'll be a great shirt/jacket to chuck on over summery outfits I think!

What do you think? Do you have any tips for outfit posts?


  1. Well done for biting the bullet! You look super cute ♥

    Outfit pictures get easier as time goes on. At first you feel really strange standing there taking pictures of yourself, but you get used to it and get more comfortable.

  2. Thanks Lottie! I feel a lot better now that this one's up, hopefully I will get more comfortable and I'm sure that'll make the pictures better! :)

  3. i'm like you; i hate taking selfies and i usually cut my head out of them because i seriously don't know what to do with my face...it's either look like an idiot or make a weird chandler face.

    sorry, no tips here; i can't even pose right for an outfit post :(

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one Kathy! I read a blogpost that said the best thing you can do is just smile, so I'm sticking with that (and taking 50 million pics to get one good one)!

  5. Hahaha...I love this post! I too make faces in every photo taken of me. It's either that or I look so sad that people ask me if something is wrong! That said, I loved your outfit post...great job:)

  6. Thanks Monique! I'm hoping the more I do the more I'll learn to control this face! :D