Hi everyone!  I'm back from my lovely and much needed holibobs!

I only arrived home on Monday so I haven't quite got round to replying to all your comments yet, but I'll get it done asap! And I'll write up a full post on my adventures in Portugal shortly too, but just now I'll give you a very short ♥ This Week's Loves ♥!

1. Obviously, my holiday in Portugal! I had the most wonderful time, everything about it was great. I went over for my friend's wedding, which was such a perfect day, and had a ball with our friends, eating fantastic food, in fantastic weather!

2. When I got back from my holiday I spent a day in Edinburgh to do some shopping and to see Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX. Wow! It was definitely worth seeing in IMAX, but everything about it was brilliant. I'm not a Trekkie by any means but I got the jokes and followed the story no problem, and there was some serious action in there.

So, although I've had an awesome week, that's it for just now! Back to reality for me... :D

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