1. Trying on ridiculous sunglasses, just for fun! Mental note: Probably should have smiled...

2. Holiday shopping! After tidying out my suitcase and realising I have nothing to wear in Portugal next week, I decided to treat myself to some bright new clothes!

3. My favourite love this week has got to be Iron Man 3! Absolutely loved it! It amazes me how many people don't stay to see the extra bit after the credits at Marvel movies though!

4. I had my first curry in absolutely ages this weekend, way too long really, so I had my favourite Vegetable Biryani.

5. Got back on my thrifting horse this weekend, and got some excellent new things to add to my vintage shop!

6. I found these old Twinkle annuals, which I've fallen in love with and this may be the start of another collection! I love the cartoons and the colours and style, plus I remember them from when I was little, so there's some nostalgia chucked in there for good measure!

7. I also got a Super Badge It! machine for next to nothing. It was barely used, and wouldn't work right, but I cracked it open and fixed it so now it's as good as new.

8. And another collection begins (how many is that now?)! I got this stash of Bond DVDs too, which means the Sky+ can be freed up a bit more!

9. Tomorrow I start Live Below The Line, so I was cooking up a low cost storm in the kitchen last night! You can follow my progress throughout the week right here on my blog!

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