1. I completed the Castle challenge I set myself and watched 82 episodes in 3 weeks. I'm beginning to wonder what I did with my life before I started...

2. I made a website for a friend's hair salon which opens this week. I beat myself up a lot about my web work because I know I'm not the world's best, but I'm happy with the aesthetics of this one!

3. My lunch this week has consisted of cheese and crisp sandwiches. White bread + butter/marg + a slice of cheese + cheese & onion crisps = delicious!

4. I done a doodle! I love doodling, I don't think I do it enough, but this week I drew a robot. He has ball joints for elbows and knees and a mohawk for coolness.

5. I got this amazing bargain off eBay. It's a doll carry case and I was worried it would fit my Blythe dolls but it was only £1.50 all in, so I figured I'd just get it and it's perfect! I get three of them in there! I'll need to make a backing board and ties to keep them in place during their travels though!

6. Watching the video of Jon Huertes and Seamus Dever singing Lately in my last post, I bought myself the Stevie Wonder The Definitive Collection and I've been singing along in my car ever since!

7. Surprise cupcakes! My friend Leanne presented me with this Pacman cupcake after one of her houseguests brought some with him. It's a little squashed now but it's still fab!

8. I love shopping, anyone who knows me knows this. But recently with trying to save for my flat I've been avoiding shops online and off and it makes me sad. So I went on a little shopping spree this weekend and got some lovely things which I'll share with you in a separate post this week.

9. This week's film was Identity Thief. It wasn't as hilarious as I'd expected but I really liked it. It's full of twists and things just go from bad to worse, I wasn't sure how it was all going to end! Jason Bateman is always Michael Bluth to me (which is no bad thing!) and Melissa McCarthy is so likeable that they can't go far wrong!

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