1. Forgetting the snow, I'm pretty sure eating strawberry tarts means it's getting near to summer, doesn't it?!

2. My Castle addiction continues and as much as I like Rick Castle, I've decided that Javier Esposito is the man for me!

3. I had a list of things to do on Friday night...and then this happened! Comic Relief came on and it was hard to move! So far they've raised over £75 million, which is pretty amazing!

4. I went ten pin bowling with my workmates and my team came first! It was very close and I need to put more practice in for next year, it brings out my competitive side!

5. Falafel burger with sweet potato fries from Giraffe. Enough said.

6. I had a big catchup at the cinema this weekend, starting with Welcome To The Punch. I'm a James McAvoy fan and Mark Strong is brilliant as usual in this crime movie with a twist.

7. The Croods was a really good fun film, with lots of bright colours and laughs from the audience! Can I haz a Belt and a multicoloured sabre-tooth tiger too please?

8. I thought Side Effects was a bit slow to start, but when it starts to unfurl it's gripping.

9. We finished off with Safe Haven, which makes me want to move to a small coastal town and find my own Josh Duhamel *swoon*

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