1. This week started brilliantly with the arrival of my first ever niece, Charlotte! She's so cute and tiny and cuddly!

2. For some reason I wasn't sure I'd like Wreck-It Ralph that much, but it was brilliant! I was dying for a pick 'n' mix after seeing all those yummy sweeties though!

3. My wonderful Miffy lamp arrived...

4. ...and so did George Sanderson! He really suits some specs! :D

5. It was my birthday on Saturday and I got some great gifts, including this Ryan Gosling colouring-in book!

6. I was treated to lunch at Poldino's, an Italian restaurant I'd never been to before and had some delicious pesto linguine and this yummy cheesecake!

7. After a quick change, the girls got together and we headed to the Carmelite Hotel for Intoxicating Afternoon Tea, which consists of sandwiches, scones, cakes and teapots of cocktails! It was a really great way to start the evening and gave us all a chance to chat before heading out for more drinks.

8. The following day I went 10-pin bowling which I haven't done in ages and got beat :( I was amazed at how rubbish I was because I used to be pretty good!

9. I've been in dire need of a massage for a long time and had real problems with my back recently, so when I got a voucher for a full body aromatherapy massage at Thai House, which my friend recommended to me, I booked myself in asap. And it was brilliant, I instantly felt better and it seems to have fixed me! Hurrah!

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